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How do I [..] ?‚Äč

How do I use LunarVim in Neovide?‚Äč

Use this bash script to start neovide

#!/usr/bin/env bash

export LUNARVIM_RUNTIME_DIR="${LUNARVIM_RUNTIME_DIR:-"$HOME/.local/share/lunarvim"}"
export LUNARVIM_BASE_DIR="${LUNARVIM_BASE_DIR:-"$HOME/.local/share/lunarvim/lvim"}"

exec neovide -- -u "$LUNARVIM_BASE_DIR/init.lua" "$@"

What is null-ls and why do you use it?‚Äč

For C/C++ we have the clangd by llvm which can also use its siblings' abilities clang-tidy and clang-format to support additional linting and formatting. But something like pyright doesn't support formatting, so we use null-ls to register black and flake8 for example, as a "fake" language server.

Since it's not using a separate binary it's called null-ls or null language server.

Where can I find some example configs?‚Äč

If you want ideas for configuring LunarVim you can look at these repositories.