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Version: 1.3

Post install

Add lvim to $PATH

If your terminal can't find the lvim command, add the installation folder to your path or move the lvim command to somewhere in your path. The default install folder is ~/.local/bin.

Install a Nerd Font

LunarVim uses icons from Nerd Fonts. If you don't want to use them set lvim.use_icons to false.

Easy Installer

Visit ronniedroid/getnf for an easy way to install nerd fonts.

Video Explanation

Manual Install

  1. Go to the pached fonts directory
  2. Copy the downloaded files to ~/.local/share/fonts

Curl Download

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/fonts
cd ~/.local/share/fonts && curl -fLO

Terminal settings

After installing your font, you will have to refresh your font cache by doing fc-cache -f -v. Then you will have to change your terminal settings to use the font you just installed. Please refer to your terminal's documentation for changing the terminal font.