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Version: 1.3

Post install

Add lvim to $PATH​

If your terminal can't find the lvim command, add the installation folder to your path or move the lvim command to somewhere in your path. The default install folder is ~/.local/bin.

Install a Nerd Font​

LunarVim uses icons from Nerd Fonts. If you don't want to use them set lvim.use_icons to false.

Easy Installer​

Visit ronniedroid/getnf for an easy way to install nerd fonts.

Video Explanation​

Manual Install​

  1. Go to the pached fonts directory
  2. Copy the downloaded files to ~/.local/share/fonts

Curl Download​

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/fonts
cd ~/.local/share/fonts && curl -fLO

Terminal settings​

After installing your font, you will have to refresh your font cache by doing fc-cache -f -v. Then you will have to change your terminal settings to use the font you just installed. Please refer to your terminal's documentation for changing the terminal font.