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Version: 1.3



  1. Make sure to check that you have a recent Neovim version with luajit support. The output of version information nvim -v should include a line for: LuaJIT.
  2. Make sure all the dependencies listed in Manual Install are actually installed on your system.

Unable to run lvimโ€‹

Make sure that lvim is available and executable on your path. You can check the results of these commands to verify that

which lvim
stat "$(which lvim)"
cat "$(which lvim)"

If you get errors with any of the above commands, then you need to either fix that manually or reinstall the binary again.

cd <lunarvim-repo> # this will be in `~/.local/share/lunarvim/lvim` by default
bash utils/installer/

If you installed Neovim using bob and get error: unexpected argument '-u' found, when running lvim, see in this issue how it can be solved.

Getting errors after an updateโ€‹

Cache issuesโ€‹

This might be the result of old cache files that need to be reset. LunarVim makes use of impatient's to optimize the startup procedure and deliver a snappy experience.

  1. while running LunarVim: :LvimCacheReset
  2. from the CLI: lvim +LvimCacheReset

Plugin issueโ€‹

This could be due to multiple reasons, but most commonly it's a breaking change in some plugin, or git refusing to pull an update to a plugin because it can't safely fast-forward the current branch.

The easiest way to solve this is to manually update (a rebase is likely required) the offending plugin, which should be located in Lazy's package-root at $LUNARVIM_RUNTIME_DIR/site/pack/lazy.

Let's say it's nvim-cmp for example

:! git -C "$LUNARVIM_RUNTIME_DIR/site/pack/lazy/opt/nvim-cmp" status

now check which commit is currently checked out

:! git -C "$LUNARVIM_RUNTIME_DIR/site/pack/lazy/opt/nvim-cmp" log -1

it should match the one in $LUNARVIM_RUNTIME_DIR/lvim/snapshots/default.json, but you can always restore the snapshot with :LvimSyncCorePlugins

:! git -C "$LUNARVIM_RUNTIME_DIR/site/pack/lazy/opt/nvim-cmp" pull --rebase

Lazy.nvim failureโ€‹

if you have not done any changes to any of the plugins, then you can remove Lazy's package root completely.

rm -rf "$LUNARVIM_RUNTIME_DIR/site/pack/lazy"

now open lvim, the plugins should start installing, otherwise run :Lazy sync.

LunarVim is slow!โ€‹

are you using fish?โ€‹

First of all, it is not recommended to set shell to fish in vim. Plenty of vim addons execute fish-incompatible shellscript, so setting it to /bin/sh is typically better, especially if you have no good reason to set it to fish. = "/bin/sh"

See fish-shell/fish-shell#7004 and :h 'shell' for more info.

Language server XXX does not start for me!โ€‹

Update nodeโ€‹

Some language servers depend on newer versions of node. Update your version of node to the latest.

is it overridden?โ€‹

This could be due to the fact that the server is overridden

--- is it in this list?
:lua print(vim.inspect(lvim.lsp.automatic_configuration.skipped_servers))

If that's the case, then you need to either remove it from that list and re-run :LvimCacheReset

return server ~= "emmet_ls"
end, lvim.lsp.automatic_configuration.skipped_servers)

or set it up manually.

is it supported by nvim-lsp-installer?โ€‹

Any server that does not show up in LspInstallInfo needs to be installed manually.

is it at least showing up in :LspInfo?โ€‹

Check out the tips for debugging nvim-lspconfig.

Too many language servers are starting at once!โ€‹

Are any of these servers overridden by default?

:lua print(vim.inspect(require("lvim.lsp.config").override))

If they are then you are using the syntax prior to LunarVim#1813.

-- this is the correct syntax since 3dd60bd
vim.list_extend(lvim.lsp.override, { "jsonls" })
-- this the correct syntax since 198577a
vim.list_extend(lvim.lsp.automatic_configuration.skipped_servers, { "jsonls" })

My LunarVim looks ugly!โ€‹