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Keybinds overview

Here's an overview of the most commonly used mappings. It is not a complete list, you can find more by pressing <leader>sk to search through them, or <leader> to show whichkey (keybinds popup)

Also see: vim mappings

TIP: <leader> is space by default, read :help keycodes for more key names

TIP: <M> is alt on Windows/Linux and option on MacOS

TIP: If you happen to be using iTerm2, take note that <M> requires the option key to be mapped to Esc+ in Preferences - Profiles - Keys for proper functioning in both the terminal and tmux

TIP: Non-leader keybindings (for e.g. <C-\>, mentioned below and others) can be viewed by pressing <backspace> in the which-key main menu (first popup after pressing <leader>)


<leader>whichkey (keybinds popup (shows up after 1s))normal
<leader>envimtree (side file explorer)normal
<leader>f <leader>s(menu)telescope (find files, grep text, and more)normal
<leader>;alpha (dashboard)normal
<C-\> <M-1/2/3>toggleterm (terminal)normal


Khover information (double tap to get inside)normal
KKmove cursor inside K windownormal
gdgo to definitionnormal
gDgo to declarationnormal
grgo to referencesnormal
gIgo to implementationnormal
gsshow signature helpnormal
glshow line diagnosticsnormal
glglmove cursor inside gl diagnostics windownormal


<leader>/commentnormal, visual
gbblock commentvisual
<M-k>move line(s) upnormal, visual
<M-j>move line(s) downnormal, visual


<C-space>show completion menuinsert
<CR> <C-y>confirminsert
<C-k> <Up> <Tab>select previous iteminsert
<C-j> <Down> <S-Tab>select next iteminsert
<C-d>scroll docs upinsert
<C-f>scroll docs downinsert
<CR> <Tab>jump to next jumpable in a snippetinsert
<S-Tab>jump to previous jumpable in a snippetinsert


<C-h>go to left windownormal
<C-j>go to lower windownormal
<C-k>go to upper windownormal
<C-l>go to right windownormal
<C-Up>decrease window heightnormal
<C-Down>increase window heightnormal
<C-Left>decrease window widthnormal
<C-Right>increase window widthnormal


<leader>Lcedit config.luanormal
<leader>hclear search highlightingnormal
<leader>shsearch through :helpnormal
<leader>sropen recent filesnormal
<leader>pSlist of installed pluginsnormal

nvimtree (side file explorer)

g? show keybindings