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Версія: 1.3

Language features

LunarVim strives to have support for all major languages. This is made possible by utilizing some of the great plugins in Neovim's ecosystem. Such plugins are nvim-lspconfig for LSP support, and Null-ls to provide support for handling external formatters, such as prettier and eslint. Furthermore, LunarVim integrates with nvim-treesitter to provide rich syntax highlighting and other language parsing magic.

If your language is not supported please check the following links and file a ticket.

  • Check if LSP support is available in the lspconfig repo
  • Check if your linter or formatter is available in the null-ls repo
  • Check if your syntax is supported in the treesitter repo

At a glance

You can use the following commands to check some information about any language servers that you have configured.

  • :LvimInfo

    • Contains information about all the servers attached to the buffer you are editing and their current capabilities, such as formatting and go-to definition support. It also includes information related to any linters and formatters that are, or can be, configured.
    • keybind: <leader>Li
  • :LspInfo

    • Contains basic information about all the servers that are running.
    • keybind: <leader>li
  • :Mason

    • Contains information about all the servers that you can manage with mason.
    • keybind: <leader>lI