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Версія: 1.2

Quick start

After installing you should be able to start LunarVim with the lvim command.

Add lvim to $PATH

If your terminal can't find the lvim command, add the installation folder to your path or move the lvim command to somewhere in your path. The default install folder is ~/.local/bin.


To install syntax highlighting and treesitter support for your language:

:TSInstall <TAB>

NOTE: <TAB> indicates that you should press the <TAB> key and cycle through your options

Not all languages are supported. For a list of supported languages look here

Language Server

To install a Language Server for your language:

:LspInstall <TAB>

Sometimes the language server for your language will not have an obvious name. For instance, the language server for ruby is solargraph. Metals is the language server for scala, etc. To find the corresponding language server for your language look here

Formatting and Linting

Formatting and Linting is not supported by some LSPs by default. This needs to be installed / configured separately.

See languages where each language with its formatting and linting can be addressed.

Nerd Fonts

Installing a nerd font is recommended. Otherwise some symbols won't be rendered properly. For more information go to the configuration section.

Next Steps