1. Make sure to check that you have a recent Neovim version with luajit support. The output of version information nvim -v should include a line for: LuaJIT.
  2. Make sure all the dependencies listed in Manual Install are actually installed on your system.

Unable to run lvim

Make sure that lvim is available and executable on your path. You can check the results of these commands to verify that

which lvim
stat "$(which lvim)"
cat "$(which lvim)"

If you get errors with any of the above commands, then you need to either fix that manually or reinstall the binary again.

cd <lunarvim-repo> # this will be in `~/.local/share/lunarvim/lvim` by default
bash utils/installer/

Getting a lot of errors when opening lvim after an update

This might be the result of old cache files that need to be reset. LunarVim makes use of those to optimize the startup procedure and deliver a pleasant experience.

You can run LvimCacheReset to fix most of these issues.

  1. while running LunarVim: :LvimCacheReset
  2. from the CLI: lvim +LvimCacheReset

If that doesn't work, try re-syncing your plugins:

  1. while running LunarVim: :PackerSync
  2. from the CLI: lvim +PackerSync

Language server XXX does not start for me!

Check out the tips for debugging nvim-lspconfigopen in new window.