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:TSInstall typescript
:TSInstall tsx

Supported language servers

typescript = { "angularls", "denols", "ember", "eslint", "eslintls", "rome", "stylelint_lsp", "tailwindcss", "tsserver" }

Only tsserver is enabled by default and the other servers need to be manually configured.

TypeScript standalone server (tsserver)

tsserver requires one of the following files/folders : package.json, tsconfig.jsonopen in new window, jsconfig.jsonopen in new window or .git. in the root directory of the project

See nvim-lspconfigopen in new window for more information about the tsserver language server configuration options.

Supported formatters

typescript = { "deno", "eslint", "eslint_d", "prettier", "prettier_d_slim", "prettierd", "rustywind" }

The configured formatter(s) must be installed separately.

Supported linters

typescript = { "eslint", "eslint_d" }

The configured linter(s) must be installed separately.