Install Syntax Highlighting

:TSInstall scala

The support for Scala 3 like syntax is limited.

Install Language Server

To get scala LSP support working in Lunarvim, first you need to do the prerequisites listed hereopen in new window

Then use coursier to install the metals language server so that it is available on your PATH:

coursier install metals

Also, you can install the scala formatter

coursier install scalafmt

Configure Lunarvim

Create a file called ~/.config/lvim/lua/user/metals.lua:

local M = {}

M.config = function()
  local metals_config = require("metals").bare_config()
  metals_config.on_attach = require("lvim.lsp").common_on_attach
  metals_config.settings = {
    showImplicitArguments = false,
    showInferredType = true,
    excludedPackages = {},
  metals_config.init_options.statusBarProvider = false
  require("metals").initialize_or_attach { metals_config }

return M

Add the following to your config.lua

lvim.plugins = {
      config = function()

vim.api.nvim_create_autocmd({ "BufEnter", "BufWinEnter" }, {
  pattern = { "*.scala", "*.sbt", "*.sc" },
  callback = function() require('user.metals').config() end,

When you open the first scala file, you should run :MetalsInstall in order to complete the plugin instalation.

Supported formatters

In most cases, isn't necessary enable the scalafmtopen in new window formatter, this is already integrated with metals to format on save creating a .scalafmt.conf file in your project root, see more hereopen in new window

scala = { "scalafmt" }