Install Syntax Highlighting

Currently there is no maintained PowerShell parser available. If needed, configure a unmaintained parser by adding the following code to e.g. config.lua

local parser_config = require("nvim-treesitter.parsers").get_parser_configs()
parser_config.powershell = {
  install_info = {
    url = "https://github.com/jrsconfitto/tree-sitter-powershell",
    files = {"src/parser.c"}
  filetype = "ps1",
  used_by = { "psm1", "psd1", "pssc", "psxml", "cdxml" }

Install the configured parser.

:TSInstall powershell

Supported language servers

ps1 = { "powershell_es" },

For more information about the language server configuration, refer to nvim-lspconfigopen in new window


Formatting is supported by the PowerShell ES language server without additional configuration.